Hello Consumers,

We "Sri TCF" creating an opportunity for the consumers who purchase day-to-days commodities in their lives like provisions, clothes. etc.., i.e. anything and everything. Life gets so beautiful as you get double on what you spend / purchases.

Every registered member will get DIVIDEND from next day on words from the joining date.

(Total number of points x 0.50)
Total number of Registered members

How ?
Purchase made on every Rs.350/-, one point will be issued by "Sri TCF" and thereafter every multiples of 5th point will be the GOLD POINT. i.e. 5th, 10th, 15th..,

The returns of the Silver point will be Rs.750/- and that of GOLD POINT shall be Rs.3000/- as profit sharing in the FIVE LEVELS.

LEVELS Profit Sharing Rs.
1 2.00 8.00
2 4.00 16.00
3 16.00 64.00
4 88.00 352.00
5 640.00 2560.00
TOTAL 750.00 3000.00

Example : On the amount spent / purchases of 1,750/- 4 Silver points and 1 GOLD POINT will be issued.
Silver Point 4 X 750 = 3000/-
GOLD POINT 1 X 3000 = 3000/-
Total profit sharing 6000/-

The "Level" will be in 1st Level has 4 points, 2nd Level will have 16 points and 3rd Level has 64 points and so on .., Continues in multiples of 4.

The partial part of the profits earned by the "Sri TCF" will be distributed according to the above table.

The returns shall be distributed at the end of the next level of the particular joining level upto 5 stages.

1. What happens if the level stops !!!?

There is no question of stopping off levels, because we supply every product at very competitive prices of our customers. So the consumers goes on increasing and as well as we get repeating consumers.

Because we have day - to - day consumable products to exclusive products everything & anything.


Electricity Bills and Telephone Bills - 1 Point ( Not Based on Billing Amount ).

Consumers have to pay Service charge for Electricity Bill and Telephone Bill at Rs. 10/- per Bill.

Branded Mobile Phones - 5 Points

Gold Coins and Bars - No Points

After every successful transaction give particular's in feedback.

In Amazon successful orders you will get 2% cash back offer that products are Amazon Pantry Products ( Groceries ), Amazon E-Book, Amazon Men Apparels, Amazon Shoes, Amazon Toys, Amazon Baby Products, Amazon Watches, Amazon Home & Kitchen Products, Amazon Jewelry ( Gold Ornaments ), Amazon Luggage & Bags, Amazon Ladies Apparels and also get 2% KYK Water Ionizer Products.

On All Your Returns 15% Admin charges and 5.5% TDS Applicable

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